Desarrollo de un sistema modular de multiples microbiorreactores automatizados para screening multifunction (HTS) en biotecnologia.

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    The project is focused on the development of an equipment consisting of a batery of microbioreactors, of reduced volume, made of plastic material and equiped with microprobes, in order to carry out multiple simultaneous tests in the development of products and processes in Biotechnology. An important aspect is the modularity of the equipment, this fact meaning that the unit that be developed, having six reactors, will be easily expanded n times, depending on the number of test and the velocity at which the final use will have to be made. Two different equipments will be developed, one for the growth of cells in suspensión, designed with a system of aeration-agitation, and another for the culture of adherent cells, in witch the aeration will be provided through the headspace of the microreactor. The microreactors will have microprobes installed to monitor the most important variables in the cell culture (pH,pO2,T) ad also different systems for the measurement of cell concentration and activity will be investigated. The equipments for the communication, actuators and for the monitorization and control of the microbioreactors will be also developed. The equipment will be validated with the culture of two different types of cells, representative of each type of aplication, allowing to validate their functionality. Finally, the industrialization planfor the equipment and the economic evaluation will be performed.
    Effective start/end date12/12/0112/12/04


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