Desarrollo de un proceso a escala planta piloto para la recuperación de efluentes en la Industria téxtil.

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Up to date the research activity of the group has been focused in the determination of the needed operational coditions and methodology for the degradation of a textile industrial dye (Gris Lanaset G) by the fungus Trametes versicolor. The acquired experiences is limited to lab scale. So the main objective of the present project is the development of the process at pilot plant scale (10 I) for the colour removal from a textile efluent with the aim to reuse the water and consequently to minimise its consume. Moreover it is desired firstly to extend the process application to the degradation of other dyes and secondly to study at a lab scale the decolorization by the fungus Phanarochaete flavido alba, producer of ligninolytic enzyme too. At the same time advances on the basic knowledge of the mechanism of actuation of the fungus will be done from the downstream and identification of the isoenzymes produce and involved in the treatment. Finally the best alternatives for the biomass utilisation will be studied in order to minimise the wastes produced in the process.
Effective start/end date28/12/0027/12/03


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