Desarrollo de procesos para la degradación por hongos de contaminantes orgánicos persistentes y emergentes en aguas

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    From the results obtained in the previous project the study of the degradation of PCE and TCE by fungi is considered, as well as the evaluation of its possible application to the degradation of the emerging pollutants (EDCs, PhACs, PPCPs). With respet to chlorinated solvents, PCE degradation conditions will be optimized and for PCE and TCE the operation conditions in reactor will also be optimized, considering their high volatility. Later a study of the cost treatment will be made and some aspects of environmental impact will be evaluated. Respect to the emerging pollutants, taken into account the lack of information, first screening of compounds and ligninolytic fungi will be carried out to evaluate their degradability potential and possible interest of the application. In this project not only the disappearance of the pollutant will be quantified, but also it is wanted to identify the degradation products, to evaluate its possible toxicity and effect of mixtures, as well as to know which enzymes are involved in degradation process. Someone of the degraded pollutants will be selected to continue its study in reactor.
    Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/10


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