Desarrollo de dos aplicaciones de comercio-e seguras: Votaciones B2G y subastas B2B.

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    This project has the aim of developing two secure e-commerce applications. These applications are scheduled for immediate commercial release. The first application provides a secure e-voiting service. The service would be offered by a company to a group of voters (Business to Group, B2G). Such e-voting application would be used to conduct surveys and to consult public opinion over the Internet. Ultimately, it could be used as an alternative way for the casting of binding ballots in real elections. The system will support both web and WAP voter interfaces. The second application provides a service to perform secure auctions among companies and their providers (Business to Business, B2B) in the context of an electronic marketplace. Such auctions would allow companies to choose the best offer out of the set of providers os a certain good/service. The application for secure auctions will be based on the technology of mobile agents. It will be designed to be scalable, fault-tolerant and flexible.
    Effective start/end date7/11/017/11/03

    Collaborative partners

    • Intelligent Software Components, S.A. (iSOCO)


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