Deformació, metamorfisme i magmatisme en un segment de l'escorça sotmès a deformació no coaxial, l'exemple del cap de Creus

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Studies carried out since 1970 have shown the cape's Creus exceptional characteristics for the study of shear deformation conditions. However, current data suggest the culmination of complex interrelated processes. Therefore, it appears now necessary to frame them within the tectonic, metamorphic and magmatic evolution of a crustal domain that underwent a complex geodynamic history. The existing models disagreeing on the geotectonic meaning of low-pressure metamorfisms are of major importance, for which the study of the sequence and connection between the different processes is the main goal. Integrated tectonic and petrological studies embracing, in addition, the continuous spectrum of observation domains from microscale to macroscale are fundamental. The specific aspects are: a) protoliths's nature and age; b) tectonic evolution, emphasizing the non-coaxial deformations and their progr
Effective start/end date15/06/9215/06/95


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