Creació d'una xarxa temàtica sobre motivació, cooperació, compromis o abandonament en l'esport infantil i juvenil

  • Cruz Feliu, Jaime Jose (Principal Investigator)
  • Dinis Pereira de Sousa, Catarina (Scholar)
  • Torregrossa, Miquel (Investigator)
  • Viladrich, Carme (Investigator)
  • Villamarin Cid, Francisco (Investigator)
  • Vidal Conti, Josep (Researcher on contract)
  • Atienza Gonzalez, Francisco Luis (Investigator)
  • Balaguer Solà, Isabel (Investigator)
  • Borràs Rotger, Pere Antoni (Investigator)
  • Castillo Fernandez, Isabel (Investigator)
  • Garcia Merita, Maria Luisa (Investigator)
  • García-más, Alejandro (Investigator)
  • Mayo Santmaria, Cristina (Investigator)
  • Mercé Cervera, Juan (Investigator)
  • Palau Sampol, Pere (Investigator)
  • Palmi Guerrero, Joan (Investigator)
  • Pons Cañaveras, Diana (Investigator)
  • Ponseti Verdaguer, Francesc X. (Investigator)
  • Valcárcel Gonzalez, Pilar (Investigator)

Project Details


The establishment of a thematic network on motivation, commitment and drop-out in sport has the following objectives, throughout the coordination of three multidisciplinary teams: A) to analyze and share results on motivaion, cooperation/cohesion and commitment obtained using different instruments and different populations by the research teams of the UAB (and INEFC Lleida), the UIB and the UV. B) to validate the questionnaires on motivation, cooperation/cohesion and commitment widening the samples to different sports (soccer, basketball and handball) and ages (from 11-18 years old) both in male and female sports, and C) to check in the validated questionnaires are useful tools to predict the influence of the significant others (parents, coaches and peers) in sport commitment or drop-out in different team sports
Effective start/end date24/11/0627/11/09


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