Creació del banc de mostres d'ungulats domèstics i salvatges, i estudi epidemiològic a la Reserva Nacional de Caça dels Ports de Tortosa i Besseit

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Characterize the environment of the National Hunting Reserve of Puertos de Tortosa y Besseit using the Geographic Information System. 2.Set the areas of the National Hunting Reserve of Puertos de Tortosa y Besseit where Spanish ibex and wild board coexist with the domestic livestock extensive breeding. Assess the number of wild and domestic animals within every area, as well as their relationship degree (for example pasture, restling, drinking and salt areas).3. Based on the values obtained from the last point (risk population at every area) and the laboratory results of the sampled animals, the `prevalence will be estimated for pasteurllosis salmonellosis tuberculosis, classic swine fever, Aujeszky's disease, for sheep goat, wild boar, free ranging domestic goat, sheep and cattle.4. Using the Geographic Information System (GIS) the Hunting National Reserve will be divided in two zones: the one with interaction between domestic and wild animals, and the other without interaction between theses groups. Infection risk maps will also be performed for each specie and for every disease in each zone studied. Significant statistical differences, if obtained, will be assessed as well as the factor that can affect the epidemiology of the studied diseases
Effective start/end date12/02/0711/02/10


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