Corporate Governance and European Union Integration

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The project proposes the creation and development of consortia of international players in the field of corporate governance integration in the EU. The proposal is based on the long-term existing informal network on corporate governance and investment (mostly focusing on US, Western Europe and Japan) with a founder and chair Dennis Mueller.
Motivation. First, the established networks on corporate governance focus mainly on specific corporate issues (e.g. The European Corporate Governance Codes Network) or regions (e.g. Emerging Markets Corporate Governance Research Network). Our project will deeply focus on the European corporate governance integration and diversity building knowledge on both the Old EU Member States (EU-15) and European transition countries (NMS).
Second, recent debates in the EU-15 (e.g. concerning the convergence to the Anglo-Saxon model of corporate governance in Western Europe (Mueller et al, 2004; Mueller, 2006), the emergence of the Nordic corporate governance model (Per Lekvall, 2014; Thomsen, forthcoming), the debate on the emergence of a new type of corporate governance in the NMS (Peev, 2002; Nölke and Vliegenthart, 2009), the recent political backlash in Hungary against foreign investors (most of which Western European multinationals and Western European banks), rekindle the interest in the corporate governance harmonisation and diversity in enlarged Europe. In this project, we shall also focus on the controversies and unresolved questions of European integration and corporate governance changes in EU member states.
Effective start/end date1/09/1629/02/20

Collaborative partners

  • Vieanna University of Economics and Business (lead)
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)


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