Convexitat i indivisibilitats en jocs cooperatius: teoria i aplicacions econòmiques

  • Martinez Legaz, Juan Enrique (Principal Investigator)
  • Fradera Garriga, Isabel (Investigator)
  • Messeguer Artola, Antoni (Scholar)
  • Boncompte Pons, Mercè (Investigator)
  • Izquierdo Aznar, José Mª (Investigator)
  • Rafels Pallarola, Carles (Investigator)

Project Details


The project pretends to analyze both the role of convexity in cooperative game theory and its implications for economic interpretations from a double perspective. On one side, it intends to follow the line that has been recently initiated by part of the team: exploring game theory form convex analysis. On the other, it attempts to deepen into the study of convex games, where convex is understood in the usual sense in cooperative game theory: supermodularity of the characteristic function or, equivalently, increasing marginal returns. One of the general pruposes of the project is to extend concepts and results already established for transferable utility games to the case of non transferable utility and to use this extension to analyze the relations among games, markets and social choice problems. Special attention will be paid to markets with indivisibles commodities and to the possibili
Effective start/end date11/09/9611/09/99


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