Control del comportament natural de la capacitat d'infiltració en la conca del riu Onyar

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The main scope of this project is to search for some relation between the evolution of the natural soil infiltration capacity and remote sensing information, with the later objective of the improvement of a real hydrogeologic model for the Onyar basin. Our previous experiences showed that the constant infiltration capacity that always appear in any infiltrometric test depends on the antecedent soil moisture. Moreover, this natural variability justify the differences in behaviour observed for the Onyar basin in front of a rain episode. The achievement of our objectives will allow to obtain an hydrogeological model validated for the Onyar river. The way in wich this model is built and its needs of our previous information allows for extrapolation to similar basin, without previous calibration, in the national country.
Effective start/end date1/08/971/08/00


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