Control de les fumonisines en els productes agroalimentaris a Espanya

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    This project pretends to study the problem of the fumonisins, mycotoxins produced by \i Fusarium\i0 specis. Although these mycotoxins were recently characterized, they are related with different diseases in horses and pigs, and might have a close relation with esophageal cancer in human beings. This study will be carried out from three points of view. 1. Study of new, easy and simple analytical techniques in order to detect, identify and quantify these mycotoxins and their producer moulds. We shall investigate in different fields like specific media to identify mycotoxin producer \i Fusarium\i0 species, and HLPC chromatographic and immunoenzymatic (monoclonal antibodies and biosensors) methods. Every proposed technique will be submited to a interlaboratory validation assay. 2. Evaluation of the influence of different factors on germination, growth and fumonisin production by species of \i Fusarium\i0 . In this part, we shall study different abiotic (pH, temperature, water activity, erc.) and biotic (microorganisms interaction, biological control, influence of biological matrix) factors, fungicide acction and the capacity to produce fumonisins by species not referenced. 3. Survey of fumonisin incidence in Spain. We shall study the fumonisin contamination of grains and other food and feed products from Spanish retail market. These kind of products are maize or ceral products destined to human and animal consumption. The results of this project could be applied to different sectors. For instance, to understand the factors or conditions that control the fumonisin production in order to prevent the food contamination, to obtain fast and easy new techniques to detect fumonisin that the industry can use, and, finally, to know the update contamination for these mycotoxins in our country (in order to get the Public Health and legislative measures to prevent mycotoxin contamination).
    Effective start/end date1/10/971/10/98


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