Control climàtic de la variabilitat del gel marí i la productivitat marina exportada del carboni en l'Àrtic durant l'Holocè (ICECARB)

  • Rosell Melé, Antoni (Principal Investigator)
  • Escala Pascual, Marina (Scholar)
  • Martínez Boti, Miguel Angel (Scholar)
  • Martínez García, Alfredo (Scholar)
  • Núñez Gimeno, Natàlia (Scholar)
  • Moraleda Cibrián, Núria (Researcher on contract)
  • Van Drooge, Barend Leendert (Researcher on contract)
  • Mortyn , Peter Graham (Investigator)
  • Zahn Knoll Geb Zahn, Rainer (Investigator)
  • Ziveri ., Patrizia (Investigator)

Project Details


(...) The proposal is part of the European programmes CARE (...), which has the endorsement of the international committee of the International Polar Year (...). The hypothesis to validate in this proposal is that \b substantial changes in the marine ice cover has profound ecological consequences\b0 that effect the planktic-benthic coupling and the flows of energy and matter in the water column of the Arctic seas (...). The overall objective in ICECARB is to investigate the natural variability in submilennial frenquencies (decades-centuries) of the interactions between climate variability, sea ice, export productivity and the benthic-planktic coupling during the Holocene, in the Arctic Ocean European sector. The study areas will be in the \b Barents sea and the area north of Svalbard/Fram Strait\b0 , which are the main gateways of heat and salt to the Arctic Ocean, and the main regions of sea ice melt (...). Specific objectives of the project are: 1- Determine the variability in the termohaline circulation and heat fluxes to the Arctic through the quantification of sea surface temperatures. 2- Estimate the variability in the presence of water masses in the study areas (...), and the sea ice cover, associated to the variability of the termohaline circulation. 3- Associate the variability in planktic and benthic ecosystems in the study regions and the export productivity with the variability in sea cover amd thermohaline circulation. 4- Establish the spatial variability in the European Arctic Ocean sector of the ocean-seaice-marine ecosystem system, and correlate it with changes in the neighbouring continental regions.
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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