Contribució de les dades estructurals i petrològiques a la caracterització dels règims tectònics en zones orogèniques amb especial referència a la serralada hercínica

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The project sets out to combine the study of structures of deformation and of mineral associations to reach conclusions about tectonic regimes and their evolution through time. Two kinds of objectives are pursued here. Methodological: we shall proceed to complete an apparatus with cinematic control for the deformation of foliate materials, unfinished in the previous project. Models will be simulated to study the degree of reability of different strain detection methods. Mineral balances and their quantification will be studied using geothermometry and geobarometry. Practical: structures will be studied such as those of shear zones, extension structures and folds that might provide information about the tectonic regime in which they originated. In the petrological field, the evolution will be studied of metapelites, metabasites and associated lithologies as well as that of paragenesis in
Effective start/end date1/07/891/07/92


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