Contractes d'activitat i col·laboració

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In the field of services, there are types of contracts which lack regulation, since the codified regulation is either not updated or only partial. At the same time, these types of contracts are new or partially new, because they are imported from other legal systems; as a result of this, even the common rules of the contracts from which the aforementioned types of contracts stem from are altered. We are referring to the contracts of activity and collaboration, a sector of great weight on the private legal relationships touching the estate, and which is studied in this project in order to put in order, systematise and identify the basic rules. Additionally, by reconstructing the contracts of activity and collaboration from our legal system's perspective and from that of the social and economic interests, we intend to contribute to the harmonisation of the European Law of Contracts. This project: a) analyses the basic types of contracts of services and works; b) determines the specific types of contracts of services and works which should be shaped autonomously and independently; c) studies the concepts and generic data which make the contracts of activity have a contractual function by themselves occurring in the contracts of partnership; d) focuses on the partnership contract, the legal regulation of which demands an urgent revision, seeing the debate on the acquisition of legal personality and its growing utility on the field of private relationships
Effective start/end date13/12/0412/12/07


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