Contra la falsificació de la prehistòria. Cercant la realitat de les dones i dels homes darrera dels estereotipus

  • Sanahuja Yll, Mª Encarnacion (Principal Investigator)
  • Castro Martinez, Pedro V. (Investigator)
  • Mateu, Trinidad Escoriza (Researcher on contract)
  • Otero Vidal, Montserrat (Researcher on contract)

Project Details


The project tries to establish the archaelogical basis in order to detect the social relations between women and men in prehistoric temporary horizons. The aim is to know the management of the social practices' ambits and the conditions of material and social life of the subjects, in order to destroy gender' stereotypes, mirror of the present and falsification of the prehistoric past. It will be focus on a new archaelogical methodology which suposses the establishment of several spheres for social relations' links: 1, demarcation of temporary situations; 2, social spots and communities where work, consumption and relationships between women, men or women and men take place; 3, the productive activities (further on economic activities); 4, artistic manifestations as ideological networks' expression. The proposed objectives and methodologies will be centred on three cases of social prehistoric studies in the Iberian Peninsula. At the same time we propose a observatory's creation to evaluate the veracity ofn the informations about the prehistoric societies in Spanish media for eradicating sexual stereotypes' circulation.
Effective start/end date1/01/0331/12/05


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