Construcció de sensors químics per al control de processos e instrumentació analítica automatitzada

  • Alegret Sanromà, Salvador (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


This project sets out to consolidate and extend over the next threeyears the research carried out by our group during the past fiveyears in the field construction, evaluation and application ofchemical sensors for on-line control of processes and as detectorsfor scientific and industrial instruments. The research programmeincludes the development of new sensor membranes for ion selectiveelectrodes (ISE), innovations in construction methodologies(amperometric transductors) or in the sensor system (field effecttransistors selective ions), all this focused towards the developmentof optical sensors with immobilised reactive phases and, in the finalinstance, the conversion of the sensor mechanics into biosensors. Theultimate objective is to obtain "in situ" information concerningcritical parameters for the control of complex processes such asthose of the biomedical, biotechnological, environm
Effective start/end date17/11/8917/11/92


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