Consciència fenomènica i autoconsciència en la percepció i l'acció: representacionisme i inferencialisme

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Within the general context of current attempts to account for consciousness and self-consciousness-the central problem in any explanation of the relation between mind and brain-, the present project focuses in the study of perceptual consciousness and self-consciousness, the relationship of this type of consciousnes with thought and knowledge, and the links between perception, emotion and action. The study aims to contribute to the clarification of which are the issues that must be accounted for in this area, and also to make significant contributions to find adequate answers to the extent in which these are mainly of a conceptual naturef or combine conceptual aspects with known empirical results. In our work the notion of attention plays a central role, and the realantionship between the personal level of analysis and the supersonal level of empirical cognitive psychology and neuropsychology must be clarified, as a paradigmatic example of the complex relations between the common or "manifest" image and the "scientifica image". Finally, we aim tom use our own proposals to argue for a moderate representationalist position in the context of the current debate between representationalism and inferentialism
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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