Comunicació interpersonal i comunicació de masses: la interpretació com a font d'un marc teòric integrador

  • Albero Andres, Maria Magdalena (Principal Investigator)

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    The fundamental macroobjective of this coordinate project is to advance as far as possible towards a "unified theory of human communication" which might at least establish integrated bases for the study of both mass communication and interpersonal and social linguistic communication. Given that our starting point is the premise that at present it is priority and heuristically more productive to develop the plan of perception/understanding of reality (and consequently not that of production/utterance), a basic aim of the project is to advance specifically towards a "theory of interpretation" which could act as a unifying paradigm for studies of the two aforementioned types of communication. We must, therefore, answer questions such as: how do we make the transition from perception to meaningful construction of reality?; how do we come to grant meaning - to "understand"- to sequences of im
    Effective start/end date15/06/9215/06/94


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