Compuestos macrocíclicos funcionalizados como sensores electroquímicos u ópticos

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The goal of the project is the synbtheris of funcionalized macrocycles. In the molecule there is a recptor center able to complex several sustrates. These sustrates can be catiions, anions or netyral molecules, but thje project is principally focused to cationic species. The macrocyclic molecules must incorporate an active center from electrochemical or optical pont of view. The complexation of a sustrate in the receptor center perturbates the electrochemical (standart reduction potential) or optical (fluorescence) properties of the active center of the molecule. The pobjective is the clenical recgnitiion of the sustrates by measuring the perturbated electrochemical or optical properties of the active center of the molecule. The objectives are: 1) Synthesis of macrocycles with different macrocyclic cavties and coordinating centers. 2) Synthesis of functionalized macrocycles with electrochemical active moieties. 3) Synthesis of functionalized macroccles with optical active moieties.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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