Compostos disfuncionals i macrolítics amb propietats enantiodiferenciadores. Preparació i estudi estructural, teòric i experimental

  • Virgili Moya, Albert (Principal Investigator)
  • Burusco Goñi, Kepa Koldo (Scholar)
  • Federico De La Rua, Miguel Alvaro De (Scholar)
  • Ivanov, Petko (Scholar)
  • Nolis Fañanas, Pau (Scholar)
  • Palomino Schatzlein, Martina (Scholar)
  • Perez Trujillo, Miriam (Scholar)
  • Estivill Domènech, Carlota (Investigator)
  • Jaime Cardiel, Carles (Investigator)
  • Maestre Asenjo, Itziar (Investigator)

Project Details


This project attempts to increase the knowledge on the chiral recognition. The structure and the mechanism of action of the supramolecular associations formed when enantiomers are associated to racemic mixtures will be studied. Both, experimental section, derivatives of anthracenic alcohols and amines will be prepared to be used as chiral solvating agents (CSA) forming diastereomeric complexes (with different sctructures) with each of the enantiomers present in the racemic mixtures. These associations will be studied from the thermodynamical and kinetical point of view. New aromatic derivatives will be prepared and studied. They will have as a common characteristic the bifunctionality. This bifunctionally will allow to generate macrocycles that will create chiral cavities with anthracenic walls. These new systems will be studied structurally and also as possible CSA that eventually could be used in routine analytical techniques as NMR, chiral chromatograpy, chiral inductors auxiliaries, etc.. In the theoretical section, the behavior of the inclusion complexes with cyclodextrins and with the newly prepared macrocycles will be studied to determine the driving forces for the enantiodifferentiation. A full study on the giant cyclodextrins will be performed to obtain information on their structure, shape, and capability for acting as chiral complexating agents. Also, the study of the cyclodextrin/proteins interaction will be started, a new field where cyclodextrins act as guests
Effective start/end date15/11/0314/11/06


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