Comerç colonial a l'àrea mediterrània (segles VIII-VI aC)

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    Analysis of economical and social changes in the indigenous hinterland resulting from Phoenician colonial and commercial activity in the Iberian Mediterranean coast; but not from the convencional point of view based on an "aculturation" or diffusion process of ideas and cultural values, but rather from a holistic point of view which takes into consideration the dialectical relationship between colonists and indigenous communities. Our initial hypothesis is that any colonial enterprise needs to meet, within its domain of economic control, sociopolitical and economical indigenous structures capable of developping a certain yield in accordance to the huge initial economic investment involved. Our target is: a) a detailed study of the mechanisms which regulate the above mentioned interaction in Mediterranian Andalusia (analysis of frontiers, formation of dependent economies, commerce of comm
    Effective start/end date26/09/9126/09/94


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