Co-disseny per a prototipus ràpid de sistemes embeguts basat en plataformes reconfigurables

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    This proposal presents a multidisciplinary project that covers different areas of Electronic Engineering ans Computer Science (hardware/ software codesign , reconfigurable computing, industrial standards , etc..) to create a framework and a design methodology for the prootyping of complex real time systems from the point of view of their application to specific environments (industrial, multimedia, embedded). The project also combines basic research in order to easily update technology changes and to try to translate them to industry. The core of the proposal is to dispose of a set of platforms, platform designs and design methodologies in order to easily adapt to the apllication requeriments, both for processor -centric systems (PC-based or embedded) and for buscentric systems (PCI, PCMCIA, 802.11/hyperlan). The techniques proposed in the project will use existing design tools, both universitary (Ocapi, Ptolomy II, Polis/macropolis) and industrial (Coware/Java-tools, Synopsis/Synplicity/Mentor/Candence), for the design specification and front-end, and semiconductor vendor tools(or eventually ASIC, \muC,\muP/ i DSP devoted). We also plane to use and develop, virtual components (IPs) available either open-source or industrial. Besides the industrial result, that will come out from our current developments and proposals under study , the project will provide, as scientific results , a set of techniques for automatic synthesis and veriofication of complex HW/SW systems. The project pursues these techniques to have a significant impact on the research currently carried out in this area
    Effective start/end date28/12/0130/09/05


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