CIBERBBN_ GBIO_CNM Grupo de Biomonitorización del Centro Nacional de Microelectrònica

  • Aguilo Llobet, Jordi (Principal Investigator)
  • Castro Ribeiro, Thais (Investigator)
  • Gabriel Buguña, Gemma (Investigator)
  • Alvarez Sanchez, Maria del Mar (Investigator)
  • Codignon, Philippe (Investigator)
  • Guimerà-Brunet, Anton (Investigator)
  • Hotter Corripio, Georgina (Investigator)
  • Illa Vila, Xavier (Investigator)
  • Masvidal-Codina, Eduard (Investigator)
  • Prats-Alfonso, Elisabet (Investigator)
  • Villa Sanz, Rosa (Investigator)

Project Details


GBIO Research Group: New technologies, devices and systems for biomonitoring.

The main objective of the GBIO group is the development of technically feasible, economically viable and clinically usable micro-nano-bio systems to measure key parameters related to the state or evolution of a living organism at a given moment.

This is achieved through the development of:

Technology. The key concern is the development of new technologies that can lead to the development and manufacture of microsensors not only technically and economically viable, but also adaptable to the requirements of specific applications. This means that besides the current technologies based on silicon substrates, also silicon carbide and / or polymeric substrates could be also used to fulfill specific needs because of their special properties, such as hardness, flexibility or low cost. Alternative surface treatments should be also developed in order to build new sensors, for improved function or to avoid undesired effects.

Devices. The goal at this level is to develop microsensor devices, multi-micro sensors, sensing arrays or sensor platforms for measuring physical, chemical and biological parameters and components such as oxygen, impedance, pH, different type of anions and cations, temperature, or proteins, for example, using an integrated unique device. The ultimate objective is to enable easy multiple monitoring in applications requiring multiparametric control.

Systems/Applications. The developed technologies and devices will constitute useful tools to be used both on the experimental bench as well as in medical and clinical applications.

GBIO group has developed during the last few years an outstanding expertise in the design and fabrication of Micro-Nano-Bio devices based either on silicon or biocompatible polymers. Biological signals obtained with these devices are usually subjected to post-acquisition conditioning and processing with the help of totally integrated systems.
Effective start/end date6/02/0911/06/20

Collaborative partners

  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) (lead)


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