Catalogació i estudi de la iconografia de les arts figuratives del romànic a Navarra i Aragó

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    The aim of this research project is the cataloguing of Romanesque iconography of Navarra and Aragon kingdoms, with regard to make a database for further studies on the culture and mentalities of that period. The project is designed to catalogue and describe the subject matter of all religious and profane images on major and minor arts of both kingdoms (sculpture, monumental and panel painting, manuscript illumination, jewellery, and enamels). The first task is to provide a bibliographical index on Romanesque fine arts of Navarra and Aragon, and on the subjects represented on them. The final result will be an electronic database containing the images classified and specific information on their subjects and themes, sources, and bibliography
    Effective start/end date12/12/0311/12/06


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