Catalitzadors recuperables de ruteni i pal·ladi per formació de materials híbrids orgànics-inorgànics. Aplicació en reaccions de metatesi i d'acoblament

  • Pleixats Rovira, Roser (Principal Investigator)
  • Borja Rodríguez, Guadalupe (Scholar)
  • Mejías Ruiz, Nereida (Scholar)
  • Monge Marcet, Amalia (Scholar)
  • Planellas Oates, Marc (Scholar)
  • Trilla Castaño, Montserrat (Scholar)
  • Elias Pera, Xavier (Researcher on contract)
  • Wong Chi Man, Michel (Investigator)

Project Details


(&) The objectives of the project are the preparation of recoverable catalysts derived from ruthenium carbenes (with anchoring through Hoveyda and NHC type ligands) and recoverable palladium catalysts (NHC type ligands, bipyridines) by formation of hybrid organic-inorganic materials, and their use and recovery in diene and enyne methathesis, and in the Heck Sonogashira and cross-coupling reactions (Suzuki, arly halide amination), respectively. The work involves several phases: a) synthesis of monomers derived from the corresponding ligands that bear trialcoxysilyl groups; b) preparation and characterization of the hybrid materials, which includes the search of the better conditions for the sol-gel process and to try to get organized materials, either by addition of surfactants, or by autoorganization of the monomers during the process; c) introduction of the metal; d) testing and recycling of the catalysts in the aforementioned reactions. The activity and recyclability of hybrid materials derived from imidazolium and dihydroimidazolium sals (which are precursors of NHC ligands) in organocatalysis will also be tested
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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