Cartografías de la indianidad en las literaturas del Océano Indico: Memoria, filiación, trauma.

  • Hand Cranhan, Felicidad (Principal Investigator)
  • Can ., Nazir Ahmed (Scholar)
  • Garcia Lopez, M. del Mar (Investigator)
  • Pujolras Noguer, Esther (Investigator)
  • Khoyratty, Farhad (Others)
  • Alonso Breto, María Isabel (Researcher on contract)
  • Madavane, Kichennnasamy (Investigator)
  • Magdelaine-A, Valérie (Investigator)
  • Mouralis, Bernard (Investigator)
  • Paranjape, Makarand (Investigator)
  • Parisot, Yolaine (Investigator)
  • Peris Blanes, JAume (Investigator)

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Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/12


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