Carbocicles enantiopurs en la síntesi asimètrica de molècules d'interès biològic. Estudis mecanístics i estructurals

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The aim of this project is focussed on the highly stereocontrolled synthesis of enantiopure carbocycles related to several types of biomolecules. The asymmetric synthesis of amino alcohols, \alpha- and \beta-amino acids, peptides, carbocyclic nucleosides and other products useful in the development of new pharmaceuticals, is envisaged. These compounds include cyclopropane, cyclobutane adn cyclohexane derivatives. Some of these products will undergo evaluation of their biological activity. These synthesis will be carried out through thermal and photochemical cycloadditions. Some of thes reactions will be studied by means of theoretical calculations to rationalize the experimental results, mainly the stereoselectivity. The influence of catalysts in the stereo- and chemoselectivity of these processes will also be investigated. Chiral precursors, auxiliarys and catalysts, as well as chemoenzimatic transformations, will be used to obtain enantiopure compounds. Finally, peptidomimetics including cyclopropane or cyclobutane \beta-amino acids will be synthesized. Their structural features and properties will be investigated.
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/01


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