Caracterització genètica de poblacions muntanyenques aïllades. II) Zona ibèrico-magrebí i poblacions limitrofes

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The project tries to analyse five mountainous populations situated along South-North direction around Iberian-Magrebi contact zone. Three populations, Los Pedroches (Sierra Morena), the autochthonous Andalusian population and Berber population (Atlas), are the main reference, and the other are Kenya (contact with Sub-Saharan Negroid) and Andorra -resident population- (contact towards North Europe). The study aims to identify relationships between straits of Gibraltar borders, and also the possible contacts between Iberian-Magrebies populations and their neighbouring ones (Negroid in the south, and Euro-Mediterraneans in the North). In the same way we try pick up information about some aspects of the historic migrations, pointing out the significance of Gibraltar in that migrations, and also the importance of the Kenya zone as origin of human ancient populations. The working method will be: 1.- For the mtDNA + Analysis of coding region of mtDNA through RFLP's analysis, and definition of haplogroups + Analysis of non-coding region of mtDNA, and relationship between both regions. 2.- For the nuclear DNA + Typifying the human platelet antigens (HPA) and neuthrophil antingens (HNA) + Typifying the non-recombining portion of the Y cromsome (NRY) through binary genetic markers (SNP's).
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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