Caracterització farmacològica, (cinètica, dinàmica i embriotoxica) dels dos enanotiomers del albenzadol sulfoxid.

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The use of anthelmintics in profilaxis and traatment of farm animals is today a particularly important aspect for the farm sector and the veterinarian pharmaceutical industry. The Albendazole (ABZ), antihelmintic drug belonging to the benzimidazolic compounds, is active against the adult and larval phases of a huge number of pathogen helmints frequaently found in farms. ABZ quickly the anthelmintic systemic activity. The ABZSO possesses in its molecule an asymmetric unit with optical activity thas gives rise to two enantiomers, the ABZSO (+) and the ABZSO (-). Both enantiomers are present in the organism and may present different pharmacological activity, kinetic profile and toxicity. the main objective of this study is the pharmacological characterization of the two enentiomers or ABZSO in order to know their kinetic profile, their anthelmintic activity and their capacity to provoque embryotoxic effects. These results will permit to clarify which of the two enantiomers possesses a better benefit/risk relation for its use in treatment of those helmintiasis frequently found in food-producing animals. In order to achieve this objective, the following parameters will be analyzed in the racemic ABZSO as well as in the two enantiomers: the \i in vivo\i0 antherlmintic acticity against \i Trichinella spiralis\i0 , plasmatic kinetics and intestinal and hepatic metabolism in sheep and rats, the placental transportation in rats, and embryotoxicity (the marlformations provoked and the mechanisms by whuch they are produced) in rats and chick embryos. The results of this study will be transferred to the pharmacological industry to the posterior preparation of an adequate formulation and the sanitary register in order to use them in the veterinary clinic.
Effective start/end date1/09/981/09/01

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