Caracterització estructural i funcional del retrotransposó copia de diverses espècies de Drosophila

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Our aim is to study in phylogenetically distant species from D. melanogaster some structural and functional features of copia retrotransposon at molecular level. In first instance the complete sequence can provide data about structural, functional and phylogenentical relationships between copia elements of two separated speceies. Additionally the obtained copia element from D. buzzatii will be used to isolate some copia elements of other closely related species from the replete group of Drosophila. The functional study have two main points. By one hand we want to find out the indvidual locations of copia in order to obtain some data about the influence of a particular genomic environment over the transposition ability. By the other hand, we want to study both at qualitative and quantitative views how genome location influences the expression of copia transposable element
Effective start/end date1/04/9131/03/92


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