Caracterització del patró de mutacions produït per ciprofloxacina

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The aim of this proposal is to characterize the conditions of mutagenesis induced by ciprofloxacin, and the implications of DNA topology in the ciprofloxacin damage. The role of "uvr" and "umuDC" genes (or "mucAB") in the survival and the mutagenesis of several mutants of "E. coli" and "S. typhimurium" will be studied. Furthermore, we have shown that ciprofloxacin induces reversion of the "hisG428" mutation. Because of this, the "his" region with the "hisG428" mutation will be cloned in plasmids of several incompatibility groups. Also, this region and the "mucAB" genes will be cloned into "pBR322" vector. These plasmids will be introduced by transformation in several recipients (Ames tester strain and mutants "topA" and "tos") derivatives. Ames test will be performed with these tester strains. Revertants will be classified by sensitivity or resistance to triazole Alanine and thiazole Ala
Effective start/end date26/09/9126/09/94


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