Caracterització de les poblacions de cèl.lules T CD4+ efectores i reguladores en l'etiopatogènia de la resposta autoimmune

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The answers autorreactives are little efficient since the cells T that carry out are them of low affinity, what results in a mechanism efector little aggressive, but chronic, that derives in a slow destruction of the weave. Them they infiltrated lymphocitary of autoimmune glands that have been described are heterogeneous. They are formed by several populations of phenotype and different immune function: effectors and regulating. In the development of this type of illnesses intervene various factors, among them the necessary presence of cells autorreactives that have escaped to the selection tímica, but also influences the level of regulation to which is submitted the answer autoinmunitaria. Our group has described and characterized two regulating populations of cells in them infiltrated of tiroides: cells NKT in Hashimoto Tiroiditis and cells T gamma delta in Illness of Serious Basedow. Another population of cells exists T CD4 + regulating you defined up to now in periphery whose phenotype is similar to the cells T by memory since express CD25 and that are powerful supressors of the activation and proliferation of cells T effectors CD4 + or CD8+.
Effective start/end date6/11/026/11/05


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