Caracterització de les fàcies de plataforma de l'interval Santoniense-Campaniense de la Serra del Montsec (Pirineus, NE d'Espanya) mitjançant la relació fòssil/fàcies

  • Caus Gracia, Esmeralda (Principal Investigator)
  • Llompart Diaz, Carmen (Investigator)
  • Rosell Sanuy, Joan (Investigator)
  • Calonge García, Amelia (Investigator)
  • Gómez Garrido, Antonio (Investigator)

Project Details


The aim of the present project is to establish the evolution of the Santorian-Campanian Shallow cargonate platform facies in the Montsec Mountains (Pyrenees, Spain) using physical and chemical features its sediments as well as its paleontological content. The carbonate material forming platforms is generated and conditioned for deposition by geological processes on the spot and distributed by local water transport system. The aim of this project is to establish a paleoenvironmental model, including fossil distribution, which would allow to account for the main biotic and abiotic events taking place in this platform which have influenced its sedimentation. The main focus of this project will be the Larger Foraminifera because they are very well represented in the interval to be studied and they have to be sufficiently adapted to K-strategies in order to efficiently produce carbonates by recycling nutrients in oligotrphic waters. The stratigraphic distribution of larger Foraminifera genera and species will be used to elaborate a biochronologic which will be callibrated to planktic biozones as well as to numerical time scales. in addition, other principal groups of fossils will be studied with purpose of establishing the inter-relation between different fossil types and the depositional environmental.
Effective start/end date1/10/971/10/00


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