Caracterització biològica de la població de Mallorca del Talayotico a l'època romana: Les necròpolis de la Bahia d'Alcudia

  • Malgosa Morera, Assumpció (Principal Investigator)
  • Carrió Soldevila, Maria Rosa (Investigator)
  • Subirà de Galdàcano, Mª Eulàlia (Investigator)
  • Eduardo Chimenos Küstner (Investigator)
  • Francalacci, Paolo (Investigator)
  • Isidro Llorens, Albert (Investigator)
  • Juan, Jordi (Investigator)
  • Tarradell Font, Núria (Universitat de Barcelon (Investigator)

Project Details


Three big funerary ensembles were found in the bay of Alcudia which allow us to study the evolution of the ancient population of Mallorca from Talajotic times (Son Real) to the roman transition (S'Illot des Porros) and the latest romanization (Can Reinés). Rhis anthropological sequence related to the cultural organization of the different periods permits the study of the Northest Mallorca population throughout almost 1000 years and to analyze the continuity of the population, the changes suffered by them, their cultural or ethic origin and repercussion of each culture in the style of life of the islanders. The work embraces the habitual methodological aspects used in Anthropology of the past peoples and it employs the newest biochemical and molecular techniques.
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/01


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