Cap a una antropologia de la procreació.

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    The purpose of this research, which is included in a more extensive project initiated in 1983, is to formulate a transcultural theory focussed on the organization of procreation and sexuality control. The question at issue is to explore, in an specific field, the possibilities of a transcultural theoretic anthropology and to search for alternatives to the ethnocentrism contained in the Anthropology of Kinship. We could use the term Anthropology of Procreation, the analytical domain of which, would be constituted by the rules and uses related to sexuality; the ideas concerning the genesis of human beings; the care of children until they are settled up in life; the social groups that perform this care, the relationship that develop among the people that make up these groups; the feelings generated through them; the internalization of models that is linked to cares and feelings and the repr
    Effective start/end date1/07/951/07/98


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