Canvi o continuïtat en l'organització de la subsistència durant el plistocè final i holocè en el Prepirineu oriental

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This project aims to compare how Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens settled the eastern Prepyrenean region during the end of the Upper Palaeolithic (isotopic stages 2 and 3). The current state of research shows the presence of H. neanderthalensis in this area in an especially critical environmental moment, attributable to stage Heinrich 4. The absence of archaeological records for the following period until almost the end of the Pleistocene has led to the hypothesis that H. sapiens did not occupied this region during most of the late glacial cycle due to the hard and cold ecological conditions of that phase. In the Prepyrenean region of northeast Iberia the research team that will conduct the project applied for has carried out excavations on a group of archaeological sites located in similar geographical and ecological contexts, which altogether provide a quite complete record of the final phases of the Upper Pleistocene: La Roca dels Bous and Tragó, both with cultural layers corresponding to the end of the Middle Palaeolithic; the recently discovered Cova Gran with cultural layers corresponding to the Upper Palaeolithic; and Balma Guilanyà, with cultural layers corresponding to the Upper Palaeolithic and Epipalaeolithic. Due to the geographic proximity and chronological complementarity of all these sites, the specific research aims of the project will be: 1. Elaboration of a climatic sequence based on pollen analysis and faunal changes for the final phase of the upper Pleistocene in northeast Iberia; 2. Behavioural comparison between H. neanderthal and H. sapiens by means of the cultural record preserved in the above mentioned sites and based on following analytical criteria: a. study of the economic patterns (zooarchaeological analysis of the Roca dels Bous, Cova Gran and Balma Guilanyà records); b. characterization of the technological organization of the Prepyrenean H. neanderthal (Roca dels Bous and Tragó) (...)
Effective start/end date13/12/0413/12/07


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