Calibració i validació de proxys geoquímiques per a la SST: cap a una reconstrucció millorada del paràmetres oceànics superficials

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(...) This proposal aims to significantly improve upon current shortfalls with one central objective, joint calibration and validation of geochemical SST proxies from three principal carriers (planktonic, foraminifera, coccolithophores, and archea bacteria) (...). A wide range of modern samples and data will be incorporated for this analysis, including laboratory cultures, plankton tow and plankton pump samples, as well as sediment traps and surface sediments. By combining data from a multi-proxy approach, using samples for each proxy systems collected from the same environmental conditions, we will rule out competing effects on a singular proxy system and assess which techniques are most appropriate for SST over a range of oceanographic settings. We will also take advantage of multiple approaches from the same organisms (both foraminifera and coccolithophores) (...). Beyond the aim of improving accuracy in determining paleo-SST, this multi-proxy approach will therefore increase our ability to reconstruct a range of related upper ocean variables and arrive at a more complete understanding of past ocean/climate conditions. The project will offer a range of ancillary benefits as well such as improved knowledge of trace element partitioning in biogenic carbonates as a whole, among other important aspects.
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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