Cadastres i espais socials del poder a la Hispània romana

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This research project tries to reconstruct the Roman intervention patterns in several areas of the Iberian peninsula, its own dynamics, and the relation with the integration and changes of the indigenous societies. The areas of study are several zones of Catalonia and Andalusia. We want to check if the rythm and patterns of Roman intervention in both areas are related to the same dynamics or there are clear differences influenced by the continuity of the indigenous societies. The social space of power is the main aim of this research work, and for that reason we consider that the analysis of the cadastral intervention, and the forms of dependences, can enlighten some spheres of political power, where the power "does not want to be seen". Finally, we think that the use of historiographycal techniques will be very useful to observe, without masks, the real image of power.
Effective start/end date8/07/948/07/97


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