Boosting Innovation and Entrepreneurship through European Universities

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One of the major obstacles to boosting innovation and
entrepreneurship in the EU is the Higher Education system, which
is considered the key knowledge engine of Europe. This system is
still fragmented, and requires a deep process of modernisation and
co-creation with external players in order to address increasing intra-
EU innovation divide. Both the interactions within higher education
institutions (HEIs) and external stakeholders play a pivotal role in this
effort by pooling competences and resources within local, regional,
and European knowledge ecosystems.
Effective start/end date15/07/2131/07/23

Collaborative partners

  • Università degli studi di Trento (Coordinator) (lead)
  • Kaunas University of Technology - Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (Project partner)
  • Hub Trentino Innovazione (Project partner)
  • National Institute of Applied Sciences - Toulouse centre (INSA) (Project partner)
  • Linköping University (LiU) (Project partner)
  • University of Stavanger (Project partner)


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