(Bio)Sensors basats en micro/nanoestructures. Integració en sistemes autoadaptatius d'anàlisi

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The present project firstly aims at the development and design of amperometric (bio)sensor based on ultramicroelectrode arrays (UMAs) which exhibit exceptional properties for approaching electroanalytical issues. These UMAs will be designed with innovative technologies and novel materials which will allow us to get highly well-defined and well-ordered micro/nanostructures on a surface (...). The first one (methodologie) consits on the self-assembly of microspheres as templates for the fabrication of the transducer as highly periodic nanostructures (...). The second approach will be based on the fabrication of metallic microstructures by the standard microelectronics technology. These UMAs will represent the basis for the design of (bio)sensors for which, different (bio)molecule immobilization techniques will be performed. The response of these (bio)sensors will be compared to the biosensors based on polymer-graphite (...). Secondly, the project aims combination of electrochemical and optical sensors, together with the required microfluidics, to obtain a complex system for chemical application in the environmental and biomedicals fields. The optical sensors, in hollow prism configuration, working in colorimetric or fluorescence behaviour will be defined by soft lithography, using PDMS. This material will also be used to define any passive microfluidic system required for the fluid handing throughout the system. Finally, it will be evaluated the use of Photonic crystals (PC) based on carbon nanotubes to enhance the optical properties and response of the optical sensors.
Effective start/end date1/10/0631/03/10

Collaborative partners

  • Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC) (Subproject Responsible)


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