Biorreconocimiento mejorado en biosensores de afinidad para biotecnología. Aplicaciones medioambientales y agroalimentarias.

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This project is focused on the design of new biorecognition strategies in biosensors, achieved by means of converging info-nano-bio- technologies, such as biothechnology and nanotechnology with analytical chemistry to performed improved biosensing devices. The ultimate goal is the development of in-nano-bio-analytical systems with improved features for their integration in bioinstrumentation such as bioreactors and thermocyclers, as well as biokits, all of them based on electrochemical information coming from the biorecognition event. This project is thus focused on two converging directions. On one hand, the desing of optimal biorecognition strategies by means of new transducer materials with improved electrochemical features achieved with the inclusion of the nanomaterials to the formulation, as well as the exploitation of novel metallic nanomarkers for the electrochemnical detection of the biological event in a simpler manner, and finally, the development of competitive strategies for the detection of eukaryotic transcripts, whole pathogenic microorganisms and small haptenic molecules. The biorecognition reaction will be inmunological reactions for haptens and patogenic organisms, as well as hybridization for the information of transcripts coming from eukaryotic genome. In all cases, the applications are related with biothechnology, and food industry, as well as with environmental monitoring.
Effective start/end date1/12/0730/11/10


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