Bioproducció de pèptids amb capacitat complexant optimitzada per eliminar metalls pesants en aigua

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The aim of this project is the design and bioproduction of polypeptides with high metal quelating ability to be used in water treatment and detoxification. New chemically synthezised peptides with a high cysteine content and resembling closely phytochelatins will be designed according to protein modelling. Their structural and functional properties will be studied. Newly optimized peptides will be designed on the basis of the stoicheiometry, stability and solubility of their corresponding cadmium and mercury complexes. Molecular variants of the "alpha" subunit of the metallothionein I obtained by site-directed mutagenesis will also be analyzed and the corresponding metal aggregates compared to the polypeptide complexes. The synthesis of the optimized polypeptide chains will be approached through cloning and expression of the DNA coding sequence in a "Saccharomyces cerevisiae" host/vector
Effective start/end date3/06/923/06/95


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