Biologia evolutiva de poblacions originals i colonitzadores d'espècies cactòfiles de \i Drosophila\i0

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The purpose of this project is to study in depth the adaptative and non-adaptative components of the evolutionary history of natural populations. The originality of this research project is based on an optimal conjunction between a biological material advantageous to carry out studies in nature ("D. buzzatii" and "D. koepferae") and an elaborated experimental method of high estimative power. Ecological parameters (seasonality, trophic niche, biogeography) and selection components in life history traits (sexual, fecundity, longevity, developmental rate, viability) will be assessed asadaptive components. This study will be carried out in localities with only one species (D. buzzatii) and in others where both speciesco exist. As non-adaptive factors, we will study the phylogenetic (historical) relationships between original and colonizing populations of "D. buzzatii" and the structure of so
Effective start/end date22/11/9022/11/93


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