Better & Effective Education for Improving Transcultural Nursing Skills

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Nursing as a profession aims to provide transcultural care with respect to cultural values, belief’s and lifeways. With this approach, individual is viewed as a whole with his/her environment and culture which cannot be separated. Individual is continuously interacting with his/her environment as a physical, ecological, socio-politic and cultural asset. Nurses should not neglect these features while providing care. Cultural values and beliefs are crucial elements in order to efficiently and effectively fulfil the needs of patients in a holistic approach. From the nursing education perspective, this new concept is not well-known in countries like Turkey and since it has been observed that the content of theoretical and practical education curricula in baccalaureate degree nursing programs is inadequate.
In addition, knowledge and skill deficiencies arise in graduates due to the lack of transcultural content in the nursing curriculum. Within the scope of this project, our target groups are academic staff who provide training in the nursing education programs and nursing students who are trained in bachelor degree nursing education programs. Academic staff will work with our partners in other transnational countries to work out the most up-to-date and most relevant information on transcultural nursing skills and to develop a curriculum as a result of these efforts. Students will be able to observe the use and implementations of the methods used in partner countries, they will be able to acquire cultural knowledge and skills in this area and develop their abilities. The project is carried out in a transnational manner in order to close this gap, to create a curriculum and publications on these innovative methods in the partner countries, to create awareness in the relevant institutions in our country and to benefit from these methods in our country. All project partners have identified benefits within this project, which also adds to the body of knowledge and has an applicative nature on how to include transcultural care in nursing curriculum in other countries. The partners will meet six times in total and work diligently on the project. In the first phase, faculty members in Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) (coordinator) and the other university partners will determine the competency level of our nursing students on transcultural nursing. First project management meeting (Kick-off meeting) will take place in HKU, Gaziantep, Turkey. In the second and third phases, partners in the coordinator institution, domestic and EU partners will visit our partners in Czech Republic and Spain to examine their nursing education curriculum on transcultural nursing and share experience. In the third phase, EU partners and domestic partner in GU will visit coordinator to execute a workshop transcultural nursing education and to observe our practical training opportunities in medical care facilities in Gaziantep which are under management of GPDH. During these three visits, requirements of an effective nursing curriculum on transcultural nursing will be created and transcultural nursing education program on transcultural nursing will be developed. In the fifth phase, one week intensive training program on transcultural nursing will be executed in Belgium in which students from all partner institutions will participate. Faculty members from our EU partners will also participate in this training program as instructors and it will be hosted by our Belgium partner. Then, the pilot training program on transcultural nursing which is developed by contributions of all partners will be on the senior grade bachelor’s degree nursing curriculum in HKU (coordinator) and the effects of this new training program will be assessed. In the sixth phase, a meeting on assessment of the results of the training program will be held in Giresun with the participation of all partners and will be hosted by our domestic partner.
Consequently this project will create a manual for the use of Transcultural Nursing Education. This change in the nursing education curriculum will enable students to learn these methods during their nursing education. Our school and our partners will be recommended to make changes in curriculum of nursing education. Partners’ states will also inform key stakeholders about the achievements of the project and future recommendations. Due to the global refugee/immigrant problem, this project will be an example for nursing education institutions not only in Turkey but also in EU countries to promote the quality of the medical services provided to these minority populations. Thus, students will use these methods when they provide health care after graduation. At the same time, nurses who provide health care will be informed about this issue. The awareness of these people will be ensured. Patients (citizens and refugees) will be provided qualified health care services.

Effective start/end date1/09/1931/08/22

Collaborative partners

  • Hasan Kalyoncu Universty (lead)
  • Erasmushogeschool
  • Giresun University
  • Gaziantep Il Saglik Mudurlugu
  • Jihoceská Univerzita v Ceských Bude Jovicíh
  • University of Debrecen
  • Univerza na Primorskem/Università del Litorale
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)


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