Bases metodològiques per al disseny d'un model experimental en estudis d'embriotoxicitat

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    The main object of our project is to establish all the basic parameters for the designing, to a significant degree of reliability and reproducibility, of an experimental model for the study of embryotoxicity. This project will complement the current project "Study of the Embryotoxicity of Netobimin" (SAL 90-0392). The analysis of these parameters in relation with the obtention of experimental malformations was not envisaged in the original project, nor have they been studied by other authors. To this end the spontaneous embryo mortality rate will be analyzed and a catalogue of spontaneous malformations in the two breeds of fertile eggs studied. The kinetics of diffusion in the components of the egg and in the tissues of chicken embryos will be studied to control the moment of action, the concentration and the effects produced by albendazol metabolites. These data will allow us to reprodu
    Effective start/end date10/06/9210/06/95


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