Avances en el reconocimiento quiral. Nuevos disolventes de solvatación quiral y asociaciones supramoleculares quirales

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An attempt to understand the structure and the way of action for yje enantiomerically pure compounds that are able to enantiodifferentiate racemic mixtures of other substrates: chiral recognition. Derivatives belonging to the family of Prikle alcohol and to the anthracenic amines, as well as to the cyclodextrin family, form diastereomeric complexes (obviosly structurally different) with enantiomers, having a certain stability and during some time. We would like to obtain and to study new aromatic derivatives presenting polyfunctionality and/or a chiral cavity as the main characteristics, with a double aim of studying their structure and to be able to prepare more active chiral solvating agents able to be applied to different techniques of study and elucidation, Like NMR, Chromatography, induction auxiliaries, etc. Moreover, the study of the driving forces responsibles of the enantiodifferentiation is also one of the goals of this research project. This study will be carried out through theoretical computaions on the supramolecular associations formed by the complexation of organic substrates with chiral cavities (cyclodextrins and newly prepared anthracenic macrocicles). The knowledge of these forces will allow the predictionof new molecules, more efficient for the enantiodifferentiation process.
Effective start/end date28/12/0027/12/03


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