Avaluació precoç de signes d'alarma de desenvolupament patològic i estudi epidemiològic de la psicopatologia del prescolar

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    The aim of the study is the early detection of warning symptoms of psthological development so as to prevent mental illnes at an early age. In the first year of the study we intend to develop instruments to enable us to evaluate overall development, including emotions and behabior of the child from information provided by parent and teachers. In the second phase and epidemiological study will be made using a two-stage procedure to investigate prevalence of psychological disorders covering four samples of child populations: and urban area (the city of Girona), a rural area (part of the province of Tarragona), and industrial zone (in the suburbs of Barcelona) and a clinical population (in an early attention centre in Sant Cugat del Vallès)
    Effective start/end date2/03/9931/12/01


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