Avaluació del fairplay en partits de futbol internacional i influència a futbolistes cadets i juvenils

  • Cruz Feliu, Jaime Jose (Principal Investigator)
  • Boixados Angles, Merce (Investigator)
  • Capdevila, L (Investigator)
  • Valiente Barros, Lourdes (Investigator)

Project Details


Previous studies done by our research team using semistructured interviews, questionnaires and observational registers, have made possible to validate different instruments and assess values (Cruz and cols. 1995, 1998), attitudes (Boixadós, 1995; Boixadós and Cruz 1995a, 1995b) and behaviours related with play in professionals and young football players (Cruz and cols. 1996; Torregrosa and cols. 1996, 1998). The project's aims are to assess the fair play's behaviours in football players of international competitions and in young Spanish football players (by means of our sheet for observational register) and to analyse the attitudes and values related with fair play in young football players, using some translated Lee's (1996) questionnaires. The results of this research could be useful at two levels: a) for the Spahish football organisms to know which is the level of fairplay in the national football team and in the other Spanish football teams that take part in European competitions, compared with their opponents; and b) for coaches, parents and youth competitions organisers to improve the socialisation process of young people by means of sport, using psychopedagogycal interventions to favour a major fair play, as, for example, those made with coaches of young players (Boixadós and Cruz, 1997; 1998).
Effective start/end date14/12/9814/12/99


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