Avaluació del desenvolupament sostenible a les polítiques de gestió de zones costaneres i adaptabilitat social als efectes del canvi climàtic

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(...) The main objective of this proposal is to analyze the practices and policies that can improve the living conditions in general terms, and the adaptability of societat and economical sectors to the changing effects of climate and landscapes. Study areas are located in the coastal lowlands of Fluvià and Muga rivers (Girona), the low plain of Llobregat delta (Barcelona), and the Ebro delta (Tarragona). This project tackles the following issues: 1- analyzing the new ICZM developments in Catalonia and Spain assessing how these policies and practises work in local areas vulnerable to climate change, 2- testing the sustainable development indicators and the progress in ICZM indicator developed by the EU-ICZM Expert Group from the European Commission and its Working Group on Indicators and Data (WG-ID) (...). 3- Using the methodology of environmental accounts to analyze the vulnerability of settlements and land to climate change. 4- Analysing the vulnerability of historical settlements to the effect of climate change. 5- Making in-depth interviews with the aim to identify the different social perception to hazard, to measure the capacity of adaptation in front of climate change and to assess the preparedness of coastal communities and stakeholders to adapt to the new situation, and to identify the information and formation needs for a better participation of the agents in management issues. In its conclusions, the project will bring important elements to make amendments in the policies and the practices related to ICZM. These will be corrected having into account the social needs identified to perform better adaptability to climate change and the results of the territorial analysis on land conflicts. Areas potentially affected by climate change and the results of the territorial analysis on land conflicts. Areas potentially affected by climate risk will be mapped. Results will be presented to the stakeholder in form of maps and other materials (...)
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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