Audio Description: A Laboratory for the Development of a new Professional Profile (ADLAB PRO)

  • Matamala, Anna (Principal Investigator)
  • Duro Linares, Jara (Scholar)
  • Mangiron Hevia, Maria Carme (Investigator)
  • Orero, Pilar (Investigator)
  • Agnieszka Chmiel (Investigator)
  • Dr.Elisa Perego (Investigator)
  • Fryer, Louise (Investigator)
  • Jankowska, Anna (Investigator)
  • Mereijn van der Heiden (Investigator)
  • Prof.Dr.Aline Remael (Investigator)
  • Sonali Rai (Investigator)
  • Veronika Rot (Investigator)

Project Details


ADLAB PRO is a strategic partnership supporting innovation. It will develop innovative outputs and engage an intensive dissemination of newly produced materials for the training of audio description (AD) professionals. This figure will be trained qualified professional producing AD, i.e.short verbal descriptions illustrating the essential visual elements of an audiovisual product (e.g.films, art galeries, museums, live events, etc.) for the blind and visually impaired audiences.
Effective start/end date1/09/1631/08/19


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